5 Facts You Should Know About Anglicanism


Anglican, or otherwise known as the Church of England, is the creative successor in the change of historic Christianity and practice. To help you gain a better understanding of the age-old tradition, we’ve listed a few facts that might be of interest.

Here are 5 facts you should know about Anglicanism.

Anglicanism is historically tied to Christianity

As the Church of England has historic ties to Christianity, you can find many similarities in beliefs, worship, and church structures. With over 80 million members of the Church across the globe, you will find that the Anglican faith is the third largest Christian communion, after the Eastern Orthodox and Catholic Church.

Worldwide Communion

Anglican Communion is a large association of churches of the Church of England and Anglican churches. The full communion means that there is a mutual understanding of the essential doctrines and participation of the sacramental life.

Linked by Loyalty

The Church of England is considered to be liked by affection as the make focus of the archbishop is unity of the Anglican communion.

Unity is obliged through a conference held every decade

While there is no authority in the Church of England, the method of unity is served to hold the churches and provinces together as one. The meeting held in the Lambeth Conference, which fathers the bishops to discuss social, theological, and international issues.

The Book of Common Prayer is the foundation of the Church of England

In 1549, the Archbishop of Canterbury developed the book by translating the Latin liturgy into full-read English. As a result, the book was infused with Protestant prayers and had become one of the greatest works of literature in Christian liturgy.

Furthermore, there are numerous features that are unique and have distinctive meanings to Anglicanism. This includes the bishop as the successor of the Twelve Apostles, the vicar who takes charge of the parish through outside financial support, and the diocese of the Church that contains parishes and churches around the globe.